Everyday Matters 1

Everyday Matters 1

Everyday Matters 1

Every day matters challenge number 1: draw a shoe

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Danny Gregory’s everyday matters challenge

So, in order to kick start a bit of creativity I’m challenging myself in multiple ways. I just finished my 1 monster a day challenge (with 14 days straight! Woohooo!), naming myself Monster Mama and all and then of course something got in te way. Some family thing. Maybe Lemoni started waking up at five in the morning or maybe Erik got sick and stuck in be for three weeks. I can’t remember what it was. I just know my Monster Mama project got halted prematurely and that I had to find something else to challenge myself with.

That’s when I started art journaling and after reading The Artist’s Journal artist journaling. And Danny Gregory came and gave my a whole challenge for a year or so…

So the first day’s challenge was to draw a shoe. This shoe is my husband’s old shoe. Now it’s Viggi’s. It’s such a perfect little vintage shoe. Just looking at it makes me want to write a book about a little orphan with a sad face but a clever mind and determined soul.